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Rapid Results


Change your mind, change your life.

Rapid Transformation Therapist trained by world-renowned 'celebrity' therapist Marisa Peer

Anne Loughlin C.Hyp, RTT

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformation Therapist.

RTT is a multi award winning therapy developed  by world renowned and the UK's top therapist Marisa Peer.

  After coming across Marisa's work, I instantly recognised that she had a deep understanding of the mind. Everything she said just rang true.

Having suffered myself with depression, anxiety and low self esteem since my teens I had tried everything and although some therapies had helped nothing had really got to the root of it.

Listening to Marisa I instinctively knew this was different and so I decided to invest in an RTT session. I am happy to say it DID work, in fact I noticed the change in my self talk immediately. 


I was so impressed that I went on to receive a high standard of live training in London from Marisa and her team. 

I am now proud to be officially recognised as an RTT Therapist.

I know I have trained with the best and am confident that I can help you too.

I will use these incredible RTT techniques to help you banish depression, anxiety, low self esteem, exam stress and a myriad of other issues in just 1-3 sessions.

Contact me for a free no obligation 15 minute consultation where we can discuss how Rapid Transformation Therapy can help YOU!


Rapid Transformation Therapy has been developed by world renowned celebrity therapist Marisa peer, who personally trained me in its use. 

Here is Marisa explaining her groundbreaking method in her own words:



Exam stress & nerves

Depression/ Anxiety

Low self esteem

Weight management



If your problem or issue is not listed here, dont despair, we can still work together to fix it!


A confidential and complimentary chat to discuss what you need help with,  answer any questions you have about the hypnotherapy process and most importantly to ensure you feel comfortable with me prior to booking an appointment.

After the session you will receive a personalised hypnotic recording which is yours to keep, to further embed the desired changes.

Many issues can be resolved in one 90 minute session but  occasionally clients may need up to 2 follow up sessions.

Reviews & Testimonials: 

What some recent clients had to say......reproduced with their kind permission


Anne has a very soothing voice and puts you at ease straight away.

Asks a few questions to really get to know you and what you are wanting out of the session. I was sceptical about me going under but something happened that made me a believer. I wont go into detail as it may be different for everyone else.

I do feel a lot different since I've had my session and want to thank Anne for going above and beyond. I really recommend Anne.



Anne, you are fantastic therapist and believe me that you have amazing outstanding skills as a therapist.

I have had quite a few sessions as a client and only with you I felt this special connection that I could feel safe and relax during the session.

I find it difficult to relax and for this reason I'm not easy to hypnotize but with you I achieved it. You are so warm person and patient and you really know how to work with client on beliefs! 

Session with you was so relaxing that seems to be a beautiful journey to subconscious in search of sources of my issues. I'm so grateful for the session with you because I could learn a lot about myself. The way you lead me to find the roots of my issues it was just brilliant! The transformation was very powerful and I changed the way I'm thinking now. Thank you so much for very personalized powerful recording which I love to listen to and your soft and warm voice leads me to sub consciousness where the changes are happening.

You changed my life for good, helping me understand what was holding me back from being happy. 

Now when I understood nothing can stop me from changing to being happy again. I'm so grateful to you from all my heart!



Anne is a dedicated therapist, who guided me to a specific event that I got in touch with a part of myself that is perfect and knows exactly what to do. Since the session I have been using the statement my path is clear every day and I am watching my life seem easier. I feel confident in achieving my goal of being paid for my beautiful gifts and talents.